Pat & Mara

Blissfully Carefree

It was a delightful experience to capture love overflowing between Pat and Mara. The gods were all in favour for this lovely couple that day: we had the perfect weather and a gorgeous landscape to shoot on. We flew to Balesin a day after their wedding in Manila to have a post-nuptial and trash the dress photo session. We had a fab time in Balesin. Pat and Mara were such terrific hosts!

Why should time run when I wish it would crawl, whenever I’m with you?

Just a whiff of your scent drives my heart into a frenzy.

Balesin Sea

The tides of time can wash away many a moment but leaves behind a perfect bay of warm memories.

Your golden glow shines upon my life
like the sun shines upon this blue world.

Black and White, Prenup, Balesin

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