Gian and Danika

Of Purity and Minimalism

My team, together with Gian and Danika, hiked to Tinipak River, a hidden gem in Rizal last January. It was a refreshing trip – the cold wind, the soothing sound of the flowing water and the magnificent larger-than-life rock formations left us all in awe. It was the perfect opportunity to disconnect and focus on nature.

Gian and Danika’s engagement session centered on the thing that matter most – their love for each other.

“Minimalism – a way to escape the excesses of the world around us — the excesses of consumerism, material possessions, clutter, having too much to do, too much debt, too many distractions, too much noise. But too little meaning. Minimalism is a way of eschewing the non-essential in order to focus on what’s truly important, what gives our lives meaning, what gives us joy and value.” – Leo Babaut

jaja samaniego
tinipak river
tinipakan river

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  1. Martha Malcolm :

    Wow! Stunning images and beautiful location.

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